Please fill out as many fields as you can (mandatory fields are marked with *). Don’t worry if you can’t fill some out or are fuzzy on the details though. What we’re looking for is a solid starting point so that we can make any future consults with you or/and your planner, as effective as possible. The more we know, the more creative we can be and the better we can capture something special about you and your wedding. They are after all YOUR wedding flowers. We want to make sure they are unique!

P.S we are happy to work solely with your planner and you are welcome to have them fill out this form on your behalf. Just be sure they have the info needed and most importantly really “get” your style, personality and aesthetic. Without understanding that it’s hard for us to do our best creative work for you and capture that something special about your day.

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Wedding Date
Giving us a sense of what your budget is will help us suggest the most appropriate options for you.
This includes things like flowers for arbors, floral/garland aisle runners. Essentially all the lovely floral pieces you would like decorate the special spot where you'll say "I do!"
This will help us suggest appropriate centerpiece options. For instance, while we might well suggest a garland for long "farmhouse" tables, we are less likely to recommend them for rounds.
If you aren't sure how many you need just skip this and give us approximate guest numbers (see question below)
Will you be needing cake flowers, bar flowers or other floral decor? This could be everything from blooms to scatter on the dessert table to a luxurious wild installation winding up a staircase or blooms to decorate a fireplace mantel.
We have a growing inventory of rental items like candles, lanterns, terrariums, colored glassware, cylinder vases and hand-made arbors that we know work well with our aesthetic. Let us know what you have in mind!
For example are you picturing "classic modern with a twist", "beachy and bohemian" or maybe "Engish garden?" If in doubt just give us a few words to describe your style and your favorite color(s) and we'll take it from there.
If you wish we can create a custom bouquet portrait for you in watercolor and graphite. We also offer our very own kind of keepsake, the "Wedding Fieldsketch." If you would like the lowdown on either of these things let us know and we will send you the relevant information and some examples. Artwork is also something that makes a great anniversary gift, so do feel free to get the info and wave it under the nose of your soon-to-be-spouse with that in mind...

Once you submit your answers we will be in touch by email within 48hrs. Thanks so much and happy planning!